Letter to Federal Leaders

ocsi_logo_rgbx150The purpose of this communication is to gain insight into your Party’s present position on infrastructure. Public infrastructure is often “out of sight, out of mind” and its importance to the economy and the quality of life enjoyed by Canadians is frequently forgotten.

According to the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada (ACEC), the top three reasons that infrastructure needs to be an election issue are:

  1. Infrastructure is a core responsibility of the government and decisive leadership is needed in 2015 and onward.
  2. Infrastructure grows the economy, strengthens communities and protects the environment. It creates jobs and prosperity.
  3. Sustained, predictable infrastructure investment makes good business sense for governments, taxpayers and all Canadians.

We have two questions we would like you to address (as noted below). The answers to these questions will be distributed to our respective association’s memberships so that they can be aware of your Party’s position on these issues.  To facilitate this, we respectfully request that we receive your responses by September 30, 2015.

Q1. What is your party’s approach and commitment to supporting the infrastructure challenges faced by municipalities in building sustainable communities that are resilient to potential impacts of climate change?

Q2. What is your party’s funding commitment for (municipal) infrastructure?

In anticipation of your response, I thank you on behalf of OCSI.

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