Response from the Green Party of Canada

Response from the Green Party of Canada (September 30, 2015)


1. What is your party’s approach and commitment to supporting the infrastructure challenges faced by municipalities in building sustainable communities that are resilient to potential impacts of climate change?

The gap between the infrastructure funding our cities and towns need, and the funding they receive, is reaching crisis levels – Canada’s infrastructure deficit is estimated to be upwards of $350 billion. We will work to close this gap by committing $6.4 billion per year, one point of the GST, to municipal infrastructure – providing stable, longterm funding to Canadian municipalities, creating good local jobs, and building vibrant, safe, and livable Canadian towns and cities. We will create a Canadian Infrastructure Bank to provide more robust and innovative financing and investment partnerships, in order to build safer bridges, better roads, worldclass water treatment facilities, affordable housing, efficient public transportation, and expanded broadband access – putting thousands of Canadians to work in the process. We need to invest in communities resilient to the impacts of climate change.

We will create additional sustainable jobs by reintroducing and expanding the home renovation tax credit, to create incentives for individuals and companies to make their homes and businesses more efficient and accessible by installing high efficiency insulation, solar heating and electricity, energy efficient appliances, and accessibility upgrades. And we will unleash an army of carpenters, electricians and contractors to take outdated public buildings – schools, universities and hospitals – and plug the energy leaks that increase greenhouse gases and costs. These changes alone will reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent nationwide.

2. What is your party’s funding commitment for (municipal) infrastructure?

  • One percentage point of GST – $6.4 billion/year
  • Maintaining the Gas Tax Fund – $2 billion/year
  • Retrofit municipal, university, school and hospital buildings to a high level of efficiency by 2025, using a variety of green tools – $200 million/year

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